Why did wine bars, go out of fashion?!

Question: Why did wine bars, go out of fashion?
I remember them as a pleasant, alternative to pubs, and a good option to take a girl on a first date!.


Just did not get enough trade im guessing,
i worked in 1 in Brighton and it was dead at night.

I live in Camden and socialise in the west end and cannot tell you where there are any so its not how affluent the area is.

love Wine, miss wine bars

Where are you from? Remind me to NEVER move there! :D

I wasn't aware that wine bars were out of fashion, it just might be the area that you are in. I do not live in a large town (<70,000 people) however there are several wine bars in the area.

Try the bar section at a fancier Italian restaurant rather than taking her to a pub. Many times these places are just as good as wine bars. They may not offer wine flights, but you can probably still get a delicious glass of wine, and great atmosphere.

I strongly disagree with the answer of there being more money to be made from food than wine.

The reason you may not being able to find a good wine bar in your immediate area, may be caused by many factors that may include:
Not opening in an affluent area where wine knowledgeable people are more likely to live, charging too much for the wine,not having a wide variety of the types of snacks that would enhance the wine, or perhaps not offering enough variety of product in all price category's. In the food, wine, and spirits business, you must have enough volume of customers to sustain the expense involved, because most of your customer count will be on Friday and Saturday evenings.

In the wine and spirits industry for over 43 years.

They probably weren't getting enough business. All the wine bars around here are thriving. There are almost 30 in our downtown area alone. You can't throw a rock without hitting a wine bar.

Expensive, bad wine and chicken wings!

And no smoking in pubs.

p.s. If you work on 30% food cost, does food make more money than drink? Hmmmm!

Overtaken by Tapas bars and brasseries. There's more cash in food than booze.

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