airlock is not bubbling much on bucket of mash?!

Question: Airlock is not bubbling much on bucket of mash?
me and my fiance are making the shiiiiiiiiiiine, and our airlock barely bubbles. we made the mash right, and its been setting for 4 days. should we re-do the mash ?


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If it's bubbling the mash is fermenting. Maybe the mash is a bit on the cool side?

Temperature and the type of yeast you have are very important. I know in brewing beer Ale yeasts need to be around 65-75 degree, and Lager yeasts need to ferment at refrigerated temps. Some of my homebrew batches ferment out in 4-5 days, then i move them to a secondary fermenter and then they bubble once every 30-60 seconds. LEave it alone, and let it do what it does, when its done blowing bubbles then move on to the next step. The best thing to do is relax and have a homebrew. :)

what kind of yeast did u get if its a 24 or 48 hour turbo yest then its probley done. time the bibbles if they r more the 2 min. apart then its done. and check the water in the air lock. or maybe u have to much water.

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