What is your favorite shot?!

Question: What is your favorite shot?
Something good, fruity, but strong!


my fav shot is a ..... buttery nipple

1 oz DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur
1/2 oz Irish cream
Pour buttershots into a chilled shot glass........ Carefully layer or float the irish cream on top, and serve.

if you want to take straight shots try.......
Chambord or Goldschlager

for a fruity shot try......
99 bananas

then there is always the jello shots

(Licor 43) - 31% / 62 proof / 700mL - product of Spain
It is made from citrus and fruit juices, flavored with vanilla and other aromatic herbs and spices, in total 43 different ingredients

(Navan) - 40% / 80proof / 750 mL - product of France
NA tural VAN illa liqueur/cognac


EDIT: (Chambord) is a black-raspberry/blackberry liqueur of 16.5% alc. which is not strong - and it's very sweet - like a cocktail sweetener

l have a bottle of Navan / It ranges from $30-$45 - It is ($45 or $44) here in Canada
These two are all with vanilla but Navan having much more high quality pure vanilla.

with Navan l usually sip it neat on my hip-flask - it is great with ice and especially if you want to make a vanilla cocktail with an infusion of fruits that you want but not all fruits mix well with vanilla - try something like: passionfruit

For fruity, I'd go with Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay brands. They're 42 proof I believe, which isn't STRONG, but it's not weak like beer or wine either. I find it as a nice median that lets you drink a lot of it =p

99 bananas hehe that sh*t f*cks you up too

yummy lol

i like yager but butterscotch is a reallt good one for shots

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