Help I am craving alcohol & its only 12:30pm?!

Question: Help I am craving alcohol & its only 12:30pm?
Today was my first day of class i finished it but now i am craving alcohol what is wrong with me? Im 24


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You are asking help from a bunch of drinkers? Wrong location to ask for alcohol help. You do not write as a person of the age of twenty-four. You write like a troll. Crave on girl, crave on.

Ask yourself this...does this craving come every afternoon? Do i have somthing important to do later, like job or family? Can i afford it? If you answered "no,no and yes" to these questions in that order, then u should def have one or two, but be responsible.

Hey, it's 5:00 somewhere...

Seriously, though, if this happens often then you should consider the fact that you may have a problem and seek help.

You should find alcohol and consume it. Thats clearly the only solution
Besides its not a bad idea at all or anything like that.
Happy drinking.

...If you or a loved one are suffering from alcoholism, please do not hesitate to call: 866-925-4030

Sounds like you are an alcoholic if you are craving a drink.

go make some non alcoholic fun drinks instead like sherly temples

Maybe its time to start going to AA!

try to get yourself busy.

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