How many bottles of vodka will I need to get 3 people drunk?!

Question: How many bottles of vodka will I need to get 3 people drunk?

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I think 2 bottles would be enough. Enjoy!

1 shot of vodka will raise your blood alcohol content by 0.03 percent usually. Pretty stinking drunk is 0.2 percent. So around 6 shots in an hour will have an average person feeling good.

So 2 bottles will make a party -
There are about 16 shots in a 750 mL bottle of Vodka. So if you get two bottles of Vodka, drink 6 drinks containing 1.5 oz of vodka in the first hour, then ONE drink every hour after you three can stay drunk for 4 hours!

Don't die and complain about my advice. Give 15 minutes for every drink to set in.

The fact that you're asking this makes it pretty obvious you don't drink a lot. If it were me, I'd get 2 1/5s, and that would be plenty. You could do a 1/5 and a pint. But there's nothing wrong with buying a 1/2 gal. and having extra vodka for the next day hangover. ;) And for all you who will inevitably say that only puts off the hangover temporarily, bite me.

1 litre should be plenty with about 4 litres of coca cola or another mixer.
so 1 part vodka, 4 parts mixer. (25ml vodka, 100ml mixer). Have about 4 drinks per hour. By hour 2 and a half you will all be pretty drunk.

One is more than enough.
Why do you think normal people only drink it in weeny glasses?

It's not sensible, or clever by the way - what your planning.

It depends on how big the vodka bottles are and on how fast the 3 people get drunk. So you have two variables.

it depends on how much it takes to get the people drunk and how drunk you wanna get. but like probs 1 is enough

A liter should be plenty (1000 ml) if you want to be safe though get a half gallon (1750 ml)

how big are the bottles? how big are the people?

Buy two bottles of absolute vodka and yous will be happy.

It depends if you're planning on drinking or injecting it.

Just me anything more and you and yours will be getting your stomachs pumped!


Vodka is very strong. I know from experience!

If you need to ask the question you should not be drinking it!!

i think one 40oz would be enough...but if u like to over-consume...probably a bottle each....

One per person is usually a safe bet.


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