What is the cheapest high-alcohol booze available?!

Question: What is the cheapest high-alcohol booze available?

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Any damn bottle on the bottom shelf is very cheap.
Night Train
Quail Oak wines
Blue Moon piss poor excuse for a beer but on the cheaper side
Denaka Vodka I have scene some even cheaper.
Beer 30 is about 3-4 bucks for a sixer.

getdrunknotbroke.com is my source when I'm thirsty but on a budget. The companion site is getdrunknotfat.com which is good for those who are calorie conscience.

The absolute cheapest is Franzia if you get it for 9 bux a box. Everclear is expensive but it is twice as strong as most liquor. Popov is usually the first choice in economical drinking, just watch Intervention on A&E, the true alcoholics know the most effective way to get drunk and they choose Popov.

Everclear and grain alcohol are the highest alcohol available, but they ain't cheap.

My advice is to look for a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka selling for under $10.

I use cheap Vodka to make Limoncello. The flavoring kills any off tastes.

How high?

Everclear is extremely high alcohol, but not widely available.

The classic choice would be port wines, sherries, or fortified wines (the original 'hooch' or 'rotgut'). All are higher than regular wine but less than true liquor - and usually rather cheap.

Go for a case of Labatt Ice, here in Pennsylvania a 12 pack of tall 32 ounce cans sells for $10.86, and it is an ice beer so it has more alcohol than regular beer. It doesnt taste great but itll mess you up if thats your goal

cider or vodka i would of thought.... although why your drinking just to get pissed is beyond me, would you not like to enjoy the thing your drinking ??

and don't accuse me of being an old man, im 23 years old.

Steel Reserve I hear packs a big bang. Just make sure you have monies to bail out of jail.Oh and you may not have any friends the next day.

Rubinoff Vodka, you can get a hangle for $13

it gets me and my friends drunk everytime :D
3-4 of us lmao

Steel Reserve goes for $1 for a 24 oz can. It's 8% alcohol.


dude evan williams its a cheap version of jack daniels its about 15-20 bucks a fifth

good ol' jack daniels...not sure how much it is though

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