How many calories are there in a big WKD bottle?!

Question: How many calories are there in a big WKD bottle?
And how can i make it healthier?
WKD Blue.


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i think 500

you cant all these alicopops are BAD BAD 4 U look they look COOL but they are NOT nothing with spirits in is good, spirits should only be drunk rarely,especially when you are out, stick to wine, lager or beer. Spirits ARE SO MUCH STRONGER and WILL DAMAGE your LIVER, KIDNEYS no matter how they serve it 2 u. U CANNOT MAKE WKD healthier
Look dont look 4 how many calories in any drink, because you r only trying 2 cut them from elsewhere. BEST DIET which will always keep the weight off of you is this, PROMISE ME FIRST YOU WILL OBEY TO THE LETTER. PROMISE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
As long as u have . YOU MUST BELIEVE and i promise this will work, b ut we are in for the long haul 4 maximum effect, ok.

First lesson

reduce the size of the food in front or u littlle by little, I mean a spoonful off every 2 days
now u only do this until still eating and keeping a good weight
DO NOT DROP YOUR WEIGHT BELOW 9 STONE cant make it "healthier", just consume less of it

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