Tropical isle hand grenade recipe?!

Question: Tropical isle hand grenade recipe?
Someone told me a good way to mix the famous tropical isle mix that you can buy is
1 gallon hand grenade mix
5 cups sugar
3 litres melon schnapps (any kind wil do)
3 litre vodka
2 litres everclear (grain alcohol)

They say it taste the same as what you get from topical isle. I have bought the mix before and made it as directed on the bottle but its not even close. Can anyone verify how this recipe taste with the ingredients given above?


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You can use the hand grenade mix, i would skip the sugar unless you like it sweet. Otherwise:
- 1 Part Gin
- 1 Part Everclear
- 1 Part Melon liqueur
- 1 Part Rum
- 1 Part Vodka

For one version of the liquid form you just pour each alcohol into a tilted glass as layers, with the lowest % alcohols on the bottom and everclear as the top layer.

Past Tropical Isle - goer.

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