How to prevent a hangover?!

Question: How to prevent a hangover?

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I was talking with a (Turkish) friend who lives in Vienna at New Years....He said he was going to a party and had to go home get dressed- and have a special drink.; I asked "what"?and he said a drink of Virgin Olive Oil.I guess he drank about an ounce orf two of olve oil to ward off the hangover.i font know that it wors,tho...he did not compalin later

me- and Dodo,in Vienna

Don't drink. Lol. It's the only sure fire way!

There really isn't any way to keep from getting a hangover except for building up tolerance (which will destroy your liver, might I add). If you get a hangover just take some ibuprofen for the headache and some gingerale for the nausea.

The reason many get a hangover is because they are dehydrated so drink water. Or you can be lucky and be irish,Scottish,German, and Swedish like me bc different genetics have higher tolerance levels and my family has a huge tolerance on alcohol

drink lots of water before you go out drinking, drink water throughout the night and after you're done drinking. it also helps to make sure you eat something before you start drinking.

family full of party animals haha

refrain from drinking, but if you must drink just eat as much greasy food as you can before you go to bed and rinse it down with some non alcoholic beverage, that should soften the blow

personal experience

I remember at one time seeing some pills that had at the super market called Chaser..I think you take before you drink...But to me it seems odd taking pills while drinking.. But they claim that they really work..Dont really know, I have never tried them.

Glass of water and 2 aspirin before going to sleep

Don't drink. Thought that answer was pretty obvious.

Works for me!

I eat alot while I drink...that is a sure fire way

graduate from the frat house?

be born irish

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