Still hungover....what foods should I eat to feel better?!

Question: Still hungover....what foods should I eat to feel better?
Keep in my I'm a vegetarian.


Drink a lot of fluids, a big part of feeling hung over is being dehydrated. Eat some kind of filling meal like a sandwich or pasta to feel better.

Vietnamese Pho (pronounced Fuu) is the magic food for hangovers!

I say the spicier you can handle it the better it will help that hangover. Its pretty tasty with the tofu option and I recommend throwing the whole side plate they give you of sprouts, jalapenos, and mint leaves in. And don't forget to dress it up with the brown and rooster sauce; gradually add each to make the soup taste the way you want it to!

Personal Experience
Don't knock Vietnamese food until you try it!

Drink gatorade and orange juice to hydrate you and replenish electrolytes. Eat carbs and fruit. I like pizza with a fruit salad. It's healthy and replenishes vitamins and lost nutrients.

You should eat WHILE drinking and you wont ever get a hangover. Try fruit because hangovers often result when the alcohol leeches nutrients from your body

Chinese Delivery! Fried Dumplings. And a soup. Whichever one sounds good at the time, order the me on that one.

I'm drinking

Some lukozade energy drink always does the trick for me, or some greasy food not very nice but works for me or some dry toast....

Hope you feel better

Something with carbs will help alot and water

Ginger ale and crackers.

Don't drink.


mashed potatoes are good:) And maybe some green tea

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