can you be drunk during the day and have a hangover at nighttime as a result?!

Question: Can you be drunk during the day and have a hangover at nighttime as a result?
has anyone had this happen?


Yes, but I find that a hangover at night is completely different to a hangover in the morning. I got drunk once at the races, fell asleep for two hours in the afternoon and woke up in the evening feeling like death...It was an awful headache, drowsiness...I didn't feel too much like vomitting, it was mostly just feeling awful. When I have a morning hangover it feels more sickly.

Yes, you can get a hangover at any time of day. You can even begin to get a hangover while you're still drunk. A hangover is just a loss of electrolytes and dehydration caused by excessive urination and possible vomiting.


Yes, drinking too much is usually followed by a hangover, no matter what time it is.

You an get a hangover Any time of day. It depends on when you come off the alcohol buzz/drunk.

Of course. It all depends on when you start drinking.

yes. this has happened to me. many times.

Of course you can...hangovers dont care what time it is!


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