Best Way to eliminate stale smoke?!

Question: Best Way to eliminate stale smoke?
My wife and I just got married last week and we moved into a new apartment. The building is supposed to be a non smoking unit, but the previous tenants smoked. To hide it, they did most of it in the bathroom with the fan on and tossed the butts down the toilet and tub drain. The whole apartment has a stale cigarette smell and it is the worst in the bathroom. How do we eliminate this odor from our lives? It makes my wife nauseous sometimes. Thank you for your help.


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Get a bowl and fill it with white vinegar. Leave the bowl inside each of the room that smells of cigarettes for 24-48 hours. You can also use charcoal instead of white vinegar. They are both very good odor removers. I know because I have used them to remove the smell of smoke inside my house. That's when I have not yet gotten an Ozone generator air purifier.

Talking from experience, being a cigar aficionado for many years and a cigarette smoker once. I also do social media for and have represented them online.

Have the landlord clean it. If you rented a non-smoking unit and it reeks of smoke, that's a lease violation.

And remind him it mite trigger your wife's asthma, and that would be a problem [suggesting a lawsuit.]

Lysol makes smoke-eliminator spray, it works really well by itself, or even better with an odor sponge. Both you should be able to get at the grocery store or pharmacy.

You can buy smoking candles which elimnate the odor and use some Febreeze as well

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