everyone thought i was fake being drunk but i wasn't?!

Question: Everyone thought i was fake being drunk but i wasn't?
Now everyone at school is saying i did it for attention but i didn't! i actually was drunk! how do i get rid of this reputation? help? i fell stupid! i wouldn't fake drunk! everyones gong to thik im an attention whore? please help :(


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ill be real with you everyone drinks in highschool just take less and space apart the times when you drink in one night so you can better guage how drunk you are and how drunk you want to be....itll be looked over the next time someone else ***** up so dont worry

Um, I think you should focus more on school than the people who are actually talking time out of their life to care about this. Cause sooner than you think, they'll be nobodies in life.

As for the reputation, if you put all this effort into caring and making a scene out of something your innocent of, you appear guilty. If you know what's true, drop it and shake it off showing that what people's rumors aren't effecting you cause you know whats true.

Plus, getting drunk again isn't going to help the situation, it's just going to escalate to prove your point.

20 year College girl, who didn't give a ^&*! about what people said about her and did what was in her best interest. Now she laughs at all the unemployed, knocked up, home wrecking, drug users that tried to judge her.

who cares?

and if your still in school you shouldnt even be drinking

and if you were drinking and you were drunk that doesnt make you cool, that makes you


Just ignore them

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