any really good cocktail recipes?!

Question: Any really good cocktail recipes?
something fruity with vodka


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There are many versions of the APPLEMARTINI, Appletini, or Big Apple Martini. Some use calvados, some apple puree, and some apple schnapps. This recipe uses the apple schnapps and has a very sweet taste and, depending on which brand you choose, will determine how bright of a green your drink will be. If you'd like to have a Sour Appletini, use Sour Apple Pucker. For an extra, edible touch to this drink, garnish with a green apple slice or peel.
* 2 oz vodka
* 1 oz green-apple schnapps


1. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
2. Shake well.
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

and ENJOY!!!

Me google and.........…

I'm a bartender and most commonly serve these 3 vodka drinks...
Sex on the beach- vodka, peach schnapps, OJ and cranberry
Cosmo- vodka, triple sec, sweet & sour, cranberry
Lemon drop- vodka, sugar, lemon wedges
They are all very tasty!


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