What is your favorite microbrewed beer and why?!

Question: What is your favorite microbrewed beer and why?
I've had maybe 6 kinds in my life - "Dead Guy Ale" by Oregon's Rogue Brewery, a variety pack from Vermont's Rock Art Brewery, and almost every beer that Sam Adams creates as well as Anchor Steam and Yuengling. Ive also had the super strong beers of Dogfish Head. I want to buy different kinds in the future and want to know what everyone else thinks is a good microbrew. Price does not matter Im willing to pay a premium for the good stuff...thanks


There are hundreds of micro-breweries, and even more brew pubs.

Some batches work out better from one year to the next. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, New Belgium's Fat Tire, and Sam Adams are always consistent, but the best thing about real beer is the huge variety available, even if the quality and taste of certain brews change from season to season.

Here's what you want to do: Seek out a brew fest. Go from booth to booth, sampling everything that resembles your favorite style. This stuff is usually always on tap, the people are a blast, and the different breweries usually hand out cool free coasters to help push their advertising.

I guarantee you'll have a blast and wind up with answers to your question that satisfy your palate.

Do a brew fest!

I have to agree with Boomer. With the thousands of brews out there I could not choose a favorite. It depends on mood, pairing with food, or if I'm smoking a cigar or pipe and what tobacco it is. Weather plays a part. Some are just seemingly better suited to different times of the year. Definitely hit a beer fest or tasting event.
Alaskan Brewing, Lagunitas, Smuttynose, Goose Island, and New Belgium are among my favorites.
Sam Adams top products are always excellent.

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