How much is this bottle of port worth?!

Question: How much is this bottle of port worth?
I have looked around on the internet and can't find a definitive answer. It's probably not worth much but I am going to keep it for sentimental value.

The label reads

grown and bottled by P & R Marsh Deasys Road, Pokolbin 2321.
Preservative added 220
750mL Produce of Australia

How much is it worth and for how long will it keep before I should drink it?


I believe 1991 was the first year Marsh bottled a Port.

While I have no idea as to its value, I can tell you that Port is fortified
a neutral spirit to stop fermentation and preserve the flavor of the grapes.
This is in contrast to Sherry which is fermented bone dry and Brandy is
added for flavoring.

Because it is fortified and if you have not opened it, it may last another 20 years!

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