Sweet champagne with 10%+ alcoholic content?!

Question: Sweet champagne with 10%+ alcoholic content?
I like the feeling that drinking champagne gives me, but unfortunately I'm not very fond of the dry taste. I remember having some sweet super yummy champagne at the club, but don't remember the name.

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive sweet tasting champagne that has alcoholic content of at least 10%?

I searched online, the name Asti Spumante came up a lot but unfortunately, correct me if I'm wrong, it only has 7% alcoholic content.

Thanks all!


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I was going to suggest Asti. There's also Ballatori (probably didn't spell it right). It's rather sweet and less money than Asti. My question is, why is 10% so important? Unless you're preserving animal specimens, that's not a lot of difference.

Prosecco is fairly sweet sparkling wine from italy, you may like.

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