How is fermentation affected by vibration?!

Question: How is fermentation affected by vibration?
Im thinking that a constant vibration of the primary fermenter would help speed up the fermentation by helping shake out the co2 faster. Im not in any hurry to make this batch, but Im trying to think outside the box on techniques, I don't know how the yeast would react though. Would the constant shaking kill the yeast?


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looks like there are studies of using vibration to help the dead yeast settle after the fermentation, clarifying the product faster, but none about what happens during fermentation. i would say, experiment maybe you will make something that will significantly improve the product and you can sell the process to the brewers of the world and make a load of cash.

every once in a while i give it a little swirl but not two u dont want to speed it up u want it to take its time to work

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