what is the best way to get alcohol out from the body?!

Question: What is the best way to get alcohol out from the body?
i never drinking before, but, i (accidently)drinking a half of glass of beer, i'm not going struggle or dizzy, somthing like that, insteed, i'm ok. but my boyfriend complain me, we are nearly break up.
how can i do to get out the alcohol from my body, for 24 hours? pleasee.....


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A half a glass of beer will be out of your system way before 24 hours. Drink some water to flush yourself out, but it should be gone within the next few hours.

Not to worry, if you drink enough water or even better Gator aid, you be back on the road. To have you boyfriend to flip out like that is uncalled for and I would think about finding someone with a little more common sense

half a glass of beer barely has any liqorr in it no way you even still have it in you system. 1 drink=1 hour and you drank half haha

A half glass of fizzy weak American excuse for lager got you drunk?

you can drink either vinager or pickle juice always use to work 4 mehh

You must have been drinking when you typed this. Quit drinking and you won't have to worrry about it in your system:P

Thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard... call me when you start doing butt hash for a living.


take a piss! thats what i do

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