Am I an alcoholic????!

Question: Am I an alcoholic????
Generally during the week, I don't drink at all. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner.. But come the weekend, it's ON. Last weekend, I had absolutely nothing to do, and over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I plowed through a 1000ml bottle of vodka, plus a cold pack of beer, and a half bottle of wine. That's alot even by my standards and definitely not an every weekend kind of swill fest. But the fact that I was able to process that much booze in a short time worries me. I don't want to drink like that anymore. I also play in a band and when we play shows at bars, it generally turns into a wild party which includes more booze. So am I a class A alcoholic, even if I have the desire to curb my heavy weekend drinking? And if so, what can I do to help myself say no to the swill?


It's best to stop drinking while you can.... if you can.

Enjoy the ride man.... your not an alchy!!! its called having a good time and if your not heavily drinking every night there is nothing to worrry about, some ppl are better at processing alcohol better. You will settle down when you start having a family but like i said enjoy the ride while you can!!

So much ignorance. Binge drinking and alcoholism are two very different things. Get some education people.

no i dont think u are an alcholic the fact that u said u dont drink during the week and that u dont want to drink that much again , id prob say ur more ov a binge drinker which means wen u do drink u drink alot x

i am an alcoholic and haven't had a drink for 20 years ,and yes you are an alcoholic who binge drinks .its the same as binge eating

You're not an alcoholic, you're an amature.

YESH!!!!! i would stop drinking you will dye at the rate ur going

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