I've made a huge mistake, I added baileys to my coffee....?!

Question: I've made a huge mistake, I added baileys to my coffee....?
and now plain coffee tastes so bad!!! Coffee with Baileys is so amazing I can't go back, but have to make an effort as I don't want to be drinking alcohol everyday :(

Has anybody else tried Baileys coffee?


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Yes, you can use an Irish creamer. Or try this:

1/2 cups whipping cream or coffee cream
1/4 can (14-ounce) sweetened condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk)
1/2 tablespoons chocolate-flavored syrup
1/2 teaspoons instant coffee
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon almond extract

Yummmmm I loVe baileys coffee tooo I've tried the baileys coffee varity but still prefer the normal one....
I pour it in coffee....a little over ice-cream or chocolate cake....I like you am slightly addicted to it!!!
it is also SOOOO lovely in thick hot-chocolate... and I made some totally devine tiramusi using the recipe and pouring baileys into the mascapone cheese for the topping...also fantastic for Baileys cheese cake:) the more I pour it the more my taste-buds just want more...
I can totally understand how you feel...maybe not use it in coffee everyday if you can help it,.
but once tasted i'm afraid it is slightly addictive :)
Mrs :D


Bailey's Coffee is a great after dinner drink and it can make regular coffee taste a bit boring.

But you can get loads of flavourings to add to coffee with non of the alcohol.

You should try Irish Cream Coffee Syrup or if you want there is also ones like Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cinnamon flavours... the list is also endless. !

Remember if you indulge in something too much you will get sick of it.. and you don't want that!


My husband doesn't usually drink alcohol but he LOVES baileys. He doesn't drink it often but when he's craving it in the morning he uses flavored "international delights" powders like hazelnut and vanilla caramel. There are irish creamers on the market that are nonalcoholic.

What you have discovered is called the 'Bailey's Irish Coffee'
An orignial Irish coffee is done by adding whiskey, brown sugar and cream to your coffee


I think you can find bailey's flavored coffee, as well as creamers that are irish cream flavored, but without the alcohol. You could try one of those.

I tend to add Baileys to hot chocolate. That also tastes great.

I only drink coffee first thing in the morning, so adding Baileys then may be a bad idea.

Instead of Baileys try a whiskey and cream in your coffee. it's yummy. it's called irish coffee. it's very good.

it is amazing!!! but as the others have told you there are creamers that tasdte very similar without the alcohol... also try a liqueur like cappuccino thats also good

Love Baileys coffee but only drink it twice a week when i go out for a meal.Drink it as a treat.

r a meal.

No I do not like flavored coffee's. I only like regular cream and sugar in mine but yes I have seen some Irish coffee's that come in the little cans.

Yes I have and it is awesome!
You should try it in an Iced Cappuccino.

My personal Experince.

I also love coffee with Bailey's in place of milk. Just try to limit yourself to one in the evening.

Try irish cream creamer. It would be the next best thing.

yes its great ,but now i do not drink because i am an alcoholic.been off the booze for twenty years

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