A two part ? about wine with sulfites?!

Question: A two part ? about wine with sulfites?
1.Are the majority if folks able to taste sulphites in their wine?
The reason I ask is that when I drink wine with sulphites I get a very strong unpleasant sulfur after taste.And I can't imagine that most folks could just ignore it,so I assume I am more sensitive to it?

2. Why are sulphites used in wines?


1. I am right there with you, I hate that sulfite taste! What is worse is when you open the bottle and as the cork comes out, this strong whiff of sulfite comes out with it, ruining any boquet appeal.

GALLO IS HORRID when it comes to sulfites...I NEVER buy their wine because of the sulfites.

2. Here is the reason why:

*In dark red wines, sulfites buffer the anthocyanin pigments (the red ones) and help to prevent oxidation to brown colors. Red wines have a typically higher content of sulfites, about 600 PPM

*In white wines, sulfites prevent colorless pigments turning to brown tannins and settling on the bottom of the bottle as a cruddy looking gunk...White wines need less buffering and take only 200 - 300 PPM suflties.

Typical sufliting compounds in wines are: Sodium Sulfite, Potassium Sulfite, Sodium or Potassium Metabisulfite.

Also, sulfure dioxide gas can be bubbled through wine in wine tanks prior to bottling, instead of using the other salt compounds of sulfites.

Salt compounds are more stable and long lasting then sulfur dioxide gas is.

I have experience with viticulture, this is how I know. (winemaking)

1. i can't taste sulfates in wine

2. its used to either help preserve the wine, or to kill off the yeast, leaving it sweeter than wines that have been fully fermented

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