How much aspirin do I take to get buzzed?!

Question: How much aspirin do I take to get buzzed?
High but not to high


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A couple bottles.

~The Fat Man

1. Its a bad idea to get high off any of this stuff
2. People i went to high school with used to snort Ritalin, and take gravol ( not sure if they snorted it or not)
3. I dont recommend EITHER of those options. Just sayin'

Anything that would get you buzzed would hurt you :/ try something else I guess...make a ton of coffee. Lol it's better than nothing.

Don't be a twit! Aspirin will rip the lining out of your stomach and will not get you high.

If you took enough to get a buzz, you would probably eat a hole in your stomach. Not a good idea.

If you find out how to catch a buzz off of aspirin let me know.

-10938541234545236356457! dont even take one if you dont need it!

none you cant get a buzz off aspirin

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