After i drink mcdonalds drinks my face feels like it is burning?!

Question: After i drink mcdonalds drinks my face feels like it is burning?
Mcdonalds is cheap on drinks but everytime i get one my face feels like it is on fire? I think this may be from high sugar in the drink but i am not sure. Could i be allergic to something they mix in their drinks?


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Weird. Is it just one particular McDonald's location or any of them you buy from?? Have you tried getting *fountain* drinks from other businesses/convenience stores? Maybe you're allergic to something in the syrup or soda water?? If you have no problems w/other fountain drinks then you should let that McDonald's know. There could be something wrong with their products. And if so, you're probably not the only customer noticing it. Hopefully those others have mentioned it to them, too.

They use the same drinks as everyone else, so if it doesn't affect you elsewhere then it's not the drink.

Maybe, just maybe, it's because they serve them so full of ice the temperature is much lower than normal.

um micky Ds dosent make their own drinks, they hav regualr brand drinks, try buying them not from there and see if you have the same reaction

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