Fruit soaked in beer?!

Question: Fruit soaked in beer?
think it'll be nice? what fruits?


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Okay if you like that do it but I find it disgusting. Fruit and beer are not meant to go together. The problem is that the marketing machines of the big companies and the desperation of the craft companies have developed this horrible fruit flavored alcohol segment. The worst of these are the fruit flavored beer. If you want fruit the classic beers made with fruit are the Belgian Kriek or cherry and the Belgian Framboise or raspberry beers. All others are fake nasty beers. Try these fruits because the orange and any other added to a glass is for fools. No offense but these companies have many people thinking that it is cool and normal beer etiquette, it is not.

Don't listen to people that advocate adding fruit to beer that is crude and plebeian. As I had stated first some classic Belgian beers, lambics, are aged with fruit. The truest are the kriek and framboise and all others just commercialized crap. If you want to brew a lambic and then create a secondary fermentation & aging with the fruit then go for it otherwise it will be crap.

Using syrups just show immaturity and ignorance of good beer.

Don't listen to someone saying fruit and beer aren't supposed to go together (I don't personally like it either, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't drink it). It's a matter of taste, the Belgians have been putting fruit in their Lambic beers for 500 years, well before any corporation had an international advertising campaign...

I would try fruits that are typically found in lambics; cherries, raspberries, peach, and black currant. It may be easier to add a syrup to your beer, I'd say the best base beer would be some sort of wheat beer. They have a lot of fruity esters and a backbone that would complement fruit nicely, not to mention the base malt of a lambic is a wheat beer.

If you want to use whole fruits, go for it. It sounds interesting and I bet some cherries soaked in blue moon would be good.

As far as soaking fruit in beer. Go for it, there are so many wonderful types of beers out there. I would try not to soak them in a lager, there is not much flavor to those. Try different fruits with different beers the combinations are endless. You might find some that are horrible and some that are great. Beer is a great item to use to add flavor and mold flavor, it is underestimated by a lot of people because when they think of beer they only think of lagers like Bud, miller, coors, etc.

Jolly - Learn your history of beer before you say random stuff, that isn't completely true. Fruits with beers was not started by marketing companies to make it more appealing. Serving a citrus fruit with beer has 2 different origins based on the type of beer.

1. European Heife Weissens - Those were served with a lemon, because the citric acid in them would cut the yeast flavor. A traditional Heife was bottled still with yeast in it, so that it could be bottled before it was completely done fermenting. The yeast flavor is overpowering in these beers. (this is not true of a lot of modern or american heifes - served with lemon out of tradition)
2. Mexican beers - Putting a lime in mexican beers has evolved over time. Originally in mexico a lime was served with a beer to clean the lip of the bottle. Breweries reused bottle caps which led to rust on the bottle lip. Again the acid is what was useful. You would wipe the lip with lime wedge, to avoid getting lock jaw. Then you discarded your lime usually by shoving it into a empty bottle that was laying down, to stop the fruit from attracting so many bugs. People liked the little bit of lime they tasted from the edge of the bottle with the beer and started putting it into the beer.

Poke a hole in the watermelon and pop the vodka bottle right in the hole, let it soak in!

Or cut the watermelon in half and use an ice cream scoop to make little watermelon balls, then use the hollowd out watermelon half as your bowl. Add fresh strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantolope, and apples to the watermolen bowl. Add your favorite alcohol. Or dark beer! Let it soak. Enjoy!

Limes are the only thing that we ever tried that worked and we tried a few. Here's one that we found to be a great success at picnics. Cut a cone shaped chunk out of one end of a watermelon, save the chunk and turn the melon over and let it stand in the sink for a couple hours. Turn it over, stick a bottle of tequila in it and stand it in the fridge over night. Next day remove the bottle (should be empty) replace chunk. Cut and serve like you would any watermelon. It'll be a hit.

I seriously doubt it'll be nice. I've heard of fruit soaked in vodka, wine, and brandy, but never beer.

Try Watermelon & Vodka instead!!

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