Is 1873 Bacardi Rum Still Good?!

Question: Is 1873 Bacardi Rum Still Good?
It hasn't been opened. Would it still be good to drink?


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that's probably some of their first rum you are a luck individual please for the love of booze do not drink or even think of drinking that. I am sure a museum or very high bidder can put it to good use and make you very comfortable, again you are a lucky person

If you have a bottle of Bacardi that is 137 years old (I'd have to check, didn't know they'd been around that long) don't open it. Its got to be worth a bunch to somebody. On the other hand if you meant to write 1973, its still good, hard liquors don't go bad.

Joe the bartender at

A bottle of rum that old would be worth major bucks. If it belongs to your parents, they will kill you for opening it. Is it worth losing what could be your inheritance by drinking it?

You have gotta sell it!

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