Bacardi 151 simple drink recipes?!

Question: Bacardi 151 simple drink recipes?
well i bought a bottle of 151 because my friend said all you need for flaming dr peppers is 151 and beer. i looked up the recipe and it said you need amaretto liquor or something like that. needless to say i don't want to have to spend another $30+ on alcohol for mix drinks so what is something i can buy thats relatively cheap but can be more interesting then just coke. if i can't figure something out i'll just take shots and chase it with something. any simple recipes will be greatly appreciated


151,malibu rum,pineapple juice.

151, coke

151,oj, grenadine

151 fruitpunch

I always go to to find different drinks and how to mix them

in the search area, type in your main liquor...... it pulls up all drinks made with that type of


I like 151 and ginger ale, or mountain dew, had those many a nights in college!

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