What to wear to bartending interview?!

Question: What to wear to bartending interview?
Well I have a interview at the strip club to become a bartender n no da don't dress trashy but idk what to wear 4 da interview


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Start out in a business suit and end up in your birthday suit :)

Seriously, I worked in a 5 diamond 5 star Hotel Lounge for 10 years. Just dress according to what class of club it is. It never hurts to look neat and polished.

black dress, black pantyhose and black booties
something like this but all black

good luck

Get a hair cut, be clean shaven with no sideburns, and wear a shirt and tie.

Look lie the all-American boy.

smart/casual so pants/skirt and shirt but not really like formal stuff stuff you can actually move in

I second the business suit to birthday suit idea!!

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