Are bars allowed to serve cheaper drinks to women than men?!

Question: Are bars allowed to serve cheaper drinks to women than men?
The local bar in NJ, ( has this new deal where women can get $1.75 drinks all night on Wednesdays. I'm wondering if this is discrimination? This isn't a private club so can they really say that a certain group of people are entitled to cheaper prices? What if they said that all white people get $1.75 drinks on a certain night, and black people have to pay the regular prices? I think it's pretty much the same thing...


Discrimination is treating someone differently than someone else. Discrimination in itself is not illegal. Certain types of discrimination are illegal, some are not. There is no one single "discrimination law." Rather, it is a patchwork of local, state, federal, case law, and one executive order.

Some types of discrimination on the basis of what would normally be a "protected class" (such as gender or race) are not illegal. For example, actors in an entertainment business. This is called "bona fide" discrimination.

Currently, Federal law does not prohibit "ladies night" in a bar or night club. But some state laws do.

I used to work in a nightclub that sat near the border of two states. One state prohibited "ladies night" based on case law, the other did not.

When the state case law prevented ladies night in their night clubs, they attempted to skirt around it by offering "no hairy legs night" or "lipstick night." these methods only work for a while...

hope that helps.

Well maybe it isn't fair but just to even it out, women have to pay more to have a shirt dry cleaned or to get a simple haircut. They also get less Social Security (because they collect longer.) Keep in mind that women need a reason to go to a bar, while the reason men want to go to a bar is because there just might be women there.

First, racism is a mental health problem. It's like having reduced prices based on the color of your eyes or your shoe size.

Saloons offer reduced prices for women so there will be a flock of sheep for predatory men.

I happen to like women who have had three or more drinks. Makes life easier.

This is illegal in some states where you cannot change your price for anyone.

Well if this were in the UK it would be 100% ILLEGAL

No form of discrimination is allowed in prices charged

Why cant it be black people get em cheaper then white people? That makes more sense to me!!

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