How drunk will a half can of 4 loko get me? read on?!

Question: How drunk will a half can of 4 loko get me? read on?
I'm splitting it with my friend. I'm 5'10, weigh 150 pounds, and drink very rarely, I've never gotten full on drunk. It's the old 4 loko, with the caffine and the taurine. Thanks!


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4 locos are 10% alcohol one will get you tipsy but if you split it then not much will happen

Half would get you buzzed. But let me assure you, don't drink it. I'm around the same physical status as you (i don't think it matters). But the effects of drinking Alcohol with Caffeine are inconclusive. Besides its causes sickness. People drink it because of the street reputation it built, is it worth risking your health because people are doing it? be honest with yourself, do you need it?

alcohol slows down you response system,makes you sleepy, slows your neurotransmitters...imagine two cowbells, one on the left and the other at the right. And you are the neural signal banging from one bell to the other. When you drink, imagine now having a low limbo stick in between, now you would have to take time to go under the "limbo" stick and get to the other bell, and so on.

Caffeine is all the opposite of alcohol.
knowing this, why would you drink it?

is like being asleep but the caffeine doesn't let you go to sleep, so you stay awake doing dumb stuff.

Personally, I've done it for a long time. Now, I've been sober for many months and im proud of it. I'm not going back. it also helps to stay away from friends that do it.

Just don't do it. It's better to live healthy than with a regret.

if you still don't believe, look at youtube videos of people drinking them...they don't sound very smart. you have to be honest with yourself.

Experience & Psychology Major

if your not a strong drinker it will defenetly give you a nice little buzz. but what you might not want to do is drink two...ever!!

some of my darkest moments have always been with a bottle of vobka in my hands.

I don't think you can get drunk with that, maybe tipsy. Are you a guy or a female. Women's metabolic system is more fragile hence would get drunk more easily.

college student!

ull be fine don't be a baby. its the same as a strong pint.

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