Help finding where I can buy this rare beer?!

Question: Help finding where I can buy this rare beer?
I have been searching all over for Whistler premium export lager. I live in Los Angeles CA so I figured I could find it somewhere but can't. I searched high and low and called the big liquor stores and contacted all the online beer stores and have gotten nowhere. The beer is from Canada. I know it can be purchased in Washington but that does me no good. Any help at all would be great. I must find this beer!


The Whistler Brewery is in British Columbia.

The trick to fining it is to ask beer stores for the names of their beer distributors and contact them.

Whistler may not have distributors in California. It's not unusual for breweries to have limited distribution.

Distribution appears to be throughout Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Australia.
Bruce Dean who runs Whistler is an Australian. Contact him!

Whistler Brewing Company
1045 Millar Creek Road
Whistler, BC V0N 1B1

Trying To Order Whistler Beer?:

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