If both my parents are recovered alcoholics, will I have a problem with alcohol?!

Question: If both my parents are recovered alcoholics, will I have a problem with alcohol?
Both of my parents have not had a drink in over 20 years but I am wondering, if I have a decent childhood will I be able to drink alcohol in moderation in the future? or will I have a problem with it since both of my parents have the gene.


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Yes, there is a good chance that you could inherit a tendency towards alcoholism.

Given the advance warning, it might be a good idea for you to avoid the potential problem by not drinking. You can't get addicted to something you don't use.

It is believed, but not proven, that there is a genetic component to alcoholism. However, a genetic predisposition is only one part of the picture. Your environment (such as a decent childhood in which you did not observe your parents drinking) and other biological and psychological factors also play a part. So you may have absolutely no difficulty drinking alcohol moderately.

As they say...biology is not destiny.

alcoholism like most diseases (other than pure genetic disorders) have both genetic and environmental factors. look at heart disease and diabetes for example. yes some people are genetically prone to heart disease. they may have overweight parents for example. they however are not destined to contract diabetes or have a heart attack because their parents are overweight. it is their choice to eat healthy or exercise. while it may be more difficult granted the environment they grew up in it is still possible. think of it the same way for alcoholism. youre genetically predisposed, but their is an environment and personal factor that need to be considered.

Hard to say.

There appears to be some hereditary component to alcoholism. One example is native americans, who seem to have some genetic bias toward becoming alcoholics. http://alcoholism.about.com/od/genetics/…

Alcoholism isn't caused by a bad childhood, although early trauma can lead to addictions, it's not a given that you will or won't based on your childhood. People grow up just fine and then become alcoholics and vice versa.

I'm pretty sure that an alcohol addiction is not a gene. It's more of a resort to mollify life's problems. I wouldn't really know because I don't drink, but that's what I've been told. I don't think that you will, but for the best result, don't drink at all. That's really the best option to choose.

Ok, If they were alcoholic time before you were born, you can be genetically in danger to be alcoholic, but if they started drinking after you were born, you are in no danger with your genes

Scientific magazines and natural science class

Alcoholic father, and a Mother of same, your chance is 60% yes, 40%no
Harvard med study.
If you were a female the chance is 40 % yes.

It's not gauranteed but you do stand a higher chance.


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