How is Coke Zero Possible?!

Question: How is Coke Zero Possible?
Serious Question.

I do not understand how a black, sweet, delicious drink be 0 calories, will 0 sugars, 0 carbs and 0 everything. WHAT?? Huh? it just blows my mind right now.



because it is secretly diet coke repackaged for men.

it is made possible by the use of aspartame to replace sugar and is probably more close to the original classic coke taste than diet coke.

because they put the waste excreted from genetically modified ecolli bactria in their drink instead of sugar,otherwise known as aspartame or nutra sweet

it's called using FAKE SUGAR i.e. sucralose, aspartame, you get the gist. Basically chemicals that'll f*ck with your body

Why bother drinking it?

use sugar free chocolate

ive been wondering the same thing for a long time

i would love to know that too good fkin question haha

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