Good drinks to mix with cider?!

Question: Good drinks to mix with cider?
I've got plenty of cider but much to mix with it e.i blackcurrant, I've got a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine, a bottle of bucks fizz and cherry lucazade i know theres not much option till the shop opens.
I think i might open the bucks fizz and try that not sure.


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no jokes.
it's called a "Crown Float" or "Black & Tan" or something of the like.

the Guiness will actually float on top of the cider (try about a 60% cider, 40% Guiness mix), it will change your life.

Vodka and cinnamon sticks makes apple pie, a delicious but simple drink. You must heat the cider and sticks though, otherwise the vodka really sticks out.

Red wine was suggested to me by a friend. The cider lightens the wine (and gives it a bit of a sparkle).

mix it with beer and blackcurrant

Go to bed and stop drawing tricks to urself

ER more cidar!

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