Four Loko: Is it banned in all states?!

Question: Four Loko: Is it banned in all states?
Just curious as to exactly what the laws are for Four Loko? I know it was banned but I couldn't find if it was banned in all states or not. I know they're selling it again in Washington, minus the caffeine, but I'm talking about the original Four Loko? People are still drinking it as far as I know. Lots of people. They're also selling it on the black market, but even still in stores. How long till it's all gone?


I live in a state where they didn't ban it wihen it had caffeine, know everywhere has the new formula.

No, it Is not banned in all states, but in the process. Right now it is banned in only 11 states, I believe. Three being Massachusetts, washington, and California.

I don't think it's against the law. If it is then cops suck!!!!!
I'm a teenager and I know so many people that can get them with out a proublem.

I live in Florida and they still sell are the original caffeinated flavors(:

not all states

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