How do I throw a molotov cocktail?!

Question: How do I throw a molotov cocktail?
Without burning myself. I just wanted to know, not that I will be throwing it under illegal circumstances. I've just seen it done in a lot of movies about war/protests and how they did it without burning themselves



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Add 30 per cent engine oil ( used will do ) to a glass bottle filled with petrol/gasoline.

The oil helps the fire last longer, and helps with 'sticking' to your target.

Once your bottle is filled, wedge a piece of bathroom towel inside the opening. Push it in tightly and even place some masking tape around the neck, if you think the toweling isn't secure enough.

Once you have done all that... use hairspray or similar and coat the toweling with it. Once that's done, it's ready to be launched into a car, a building, the police, or a group of hippies!

Always practice safe throwing and keep the lit 'cocktail' away from your face.

Throw it in an upwards motion, so it is sure to break open when it lands.

I've never done it, but logic dictates two things:

First, you don't hold the burning part - only the top part's burning, so you just hold the bottle somewhere else.

Second, you hold it in a way that reduces the chances that the burning area will come in contact with the flammable liquid - in other words, don't turn it upside-down! If you do, the whole thing could blow up in your face.

Dude this has nothing to do with beer. It's about explosives. Any thing that is flammage can be used as a molotov cocktail.

It works well because once your put the gas/oil (or something else flammable) in the BREAKABLE bottle, you can throw it a long distance once started with a fuse and after it hits it breaks and spreads the fire over a pretty nice distance igniting the rest of the fluid whereever it mad contact. lol

The flames go up so you have to ensure no part of your body is above the burning part.

Do not throw too hard or burning fluid may splash on to you.

Do not try it even in fun. You would be labelled a terrorist and end up in Guantanomo Bay!

I think if you plug the bottle up tight enough with the cloth none of the fluid will spill & hit the flame, but throw it right after you light the cloth

Very carefully! and away from yourself...and friends...and innocent people...and Innocent peoples' houses...and VERY CAREFULLY!!!

make sure you stretch your throwing arm.
once you've done that turn it upside down after you light it
now put it on the floor and stomp on it

Flammable liquid is much more dangerous than people think. Please do not attempt this. Check out some burn victim pics on the net--there is almost nothing worse than being burned.

Don't touch the burning part.
And, don't throw it near you.
That is all.


Why is this in beer, wine and spirits?

uhh with ur hand duh?

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