What to drink to get drunk but not sick?!

Question: What to drink to get drunk but not sick?
I don't drink much as i am allergic to fizzy drinks which makes it quite hard. I am going out this weekend and want to get a bit drunk without getting sick? Just to feel more confident and happy!


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Use a fruit juice as a mixer eg ornage juice - with gin or vodka.

Take care they slip over easily and you need to keep a careful count of how many you take.

being a former bartender if you like vodka try it with mineral or non carbonated water and a lime or lemon and ice. Make sure before you drink you have a non greasy healthy meal as never drink on an empty stomach and never mix your types of alcohol. It makes for a wicked hangover.

everyone is different so what works for some doesn't work for others, so you will have to try a little of different drinks to see which one best suits you

Vodka and chase it with ice water mmmmmm!!!!!! And the next day smoke a doobie!!!!


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