If a 14 year old has 6 cans of 5% lager in one night then doesnt drink again for at least 3 weeks?!

Question: If a 14 year old has 6 cans of 5% lager in one night then doesnt drink again for at least 3 weeks?
How much damage will it course and will it get a 14 year old drunk if he drinks them over 3-4 hours , the 14 year old ways 15 stone and is about 5,11


For a start it will not course any lasting damage and drinking them over 3-4 hours means u will not get a hangover and waying 15 stone i doubt 6 cans will get you drunk, so wot i say is go ahead do it if ur not gonna drink for another 3 weeks it should cause any problems drinkin once every 3 weeks is fine, when i was 14 i used to drink every night and im fine , well abit overweight but i dont blame alcohol for that, if it's ur first time drinkin i would go easy on it and if u feel funny stop . but my wifes a doctor and she tells me u should be fine so there

38 years drinking and my wife is a doctor

it won't cause any god damn damage at all, all of you christian missionary's saying otherwise need to calm your ****. just don't do any stupidness, make sure your parents are cool with it and don't drink more than six, cause after about 7 or 8 your in the danger zone of puking, and if you puke first time it will ruin alcohol for you.

don't be an asshole either, be respectful to peoples ****.

lots of goddamn experience

Well, it will cause a lot of damage, if said 14 year old kid gets
a)caught by his parents...b)caught underage drinking...c)caught doing something stupid as a result of not being mature/experienced enough to control himself while under the influence of alcohol

Basically, you should wait a couple years before you start drinking.

BUT, if you really must know, you will most likely get decently buzzed especially since ( I assume) you have little to no drinking experience...just don't be stupid!!

It won't do any lasting damage, but might make you feel ill for a little while if you don't drink sensibly and eat before a proper meal and also drink plenty of water.

It can / will still cause damage. Bottom line, 14 year olds are not mature nor
responsible enough to drink -> especially not binge dink like in this instance.

Been there, Done that.

No damage, and its better to have 1 or 2 pints of ale daily rather than drinking that much every couple of weeks.

This shouldn't even be a question.

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