storing opened bottlew of wine?!

Question: Storing opened bottlew of wine?
should a bottle of wine be refrigerated after it hs been opened


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Keeping wine after it is opend should be put in a cool place like your basement, your refrigerater would be fine I would think though

No. The fridge is too cool, wine is meant to be stored at around 55 degrees....which is a problem because our refrigeradors are cooler than that and in a time of central heat and insulation, our homes are warmer.

Your best bet is a cool, dark section of your kitchen using a pump after the bottle is open.

I do with whites. Just recork it and pop it in the fridge and use within a few days. For reds I just recork them and leave them on the counter for a couple days, tops. Anything after that and they start tasting like vinegar. For Champagne I have a special stopper that keeps the bubbles in, I keep it in the fridge and it still has bubbles a couple days later.

Recork immediately and put it in the fridge.

(Wine + Air) = Vinegar + Water) - Especially at warm temperatures.

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