Why doesn't wine have an expiration date on the bottle?!

Question: Why doesn't wine have an expiration date on the bottle?
I had a bottle of wine and I guess it must have been expired. I threw up heavily and became extreme ill and poisoned. Why the heck doesn't the government require they put a label of when it's best to drink by like every other drink - grape juice, soda pop etc. in this country? A can of soup might last for over a year in your cupboard but once you open it it says how long it is good for on the label but nothing for wine. It's like drink at your own risk. I no longer bother with it after I got that ill. I'd rather drink non-grape alcohol beverages that don't make you sick when you have it expired.


I know.. I hate when they bring that old wine at the restaurant. They should bring the fresh stuff..

I don't think wine ever gets spoiled. If you got sick from it, it was because you got too drunk. The alcohol preserves wine and it's basically safe to drink for hundreds of years. It might not taste very good, but it doesn't actually spoil.
You probably got sick from something else.

I drank some Tequila once that was really old, I think it had been opened for about two years...Anyway, I was so sick, I wanted to die. I will admit, I drank a nice portion of it however, it was horrible and I wasn't right for about a week after! LOL

It doesn't expire. Wine is supposed to age. If you are an experienced drinker, you won't get sick so you probably weren't very experienced in that field. I'm not a drinker myself, I just know. I hope I helped :)

1. Wine gets better with age.
2. Wine does not start to expire until you open the bottle.

Also those expiration dates are really "Best Use By" dates.

it doesn't has expiration date the more old the more tasty

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it doesn't expire, it ages... like cheese..

If you got sick from wine, it may have been because . . .

1. You drank too much. Alcohol poisoning is wicked drunk.

2. You may be allergic to sulfites. (a preservative used in some wines)

3. It may have been contaminated from something else, like had a leaky cork, and grew mold. I think you could tell from vinegar taste and mold.

Alcohol does *not* spoil. If it's opened, it oxidizes, which means it tastes bad. It still doesn't spoil, like food rots.

Wine found in Roman stashes still good. Shipwrecked wine is great treasure sometimes. Alcohol (per biology and chemistry) does not rot, it's a preservative, anti-bacterial.

Wines is not grapes. Wine is the product of fermentation on grapes.

There is definitely an expiration date, although it should really be a best by date.

Good winemakers understand that 98% of all bottles of wine are consumed within 48 hours of being purchased. To neglect that fact is simply stupid.

While I don't agree that only certain bottles get better with age, the vast majority should be consumed within a year of being bought (if not sooner).

For people looking for the benefits of a cellar, without the 10k in upfront cost....a small wine fridge runs about $300 at Home Depot and gets you 95% of the benefits, at 2% of the cost.

See not everyone in the wine industry is a complete idiot :)


Wines are funny things. Depending on the grape from which it is made, it will mature at different times.
White wines are typically best after 1 to two years while reds continue to soften and mature for 7 or more years with some actually lasting decades.
You can get bad wines. Corks - the real ones that one usually finds in real wine - can get moldy. If that happens, the cork and the wine will have a very distinctive odour and taste. Take it back.

So there is no "Best before" date on wines because they last so long that the bottle generally never makes it to the date - unless you're buying these $2 bottles of wine I've been reading about. In that case, the label should read, "Best before drinking."

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