How to test fake cocaine?!

Question: How to test fake cocaine?
in my sons wallet i found a bag of what i believe is cocaine. he tells me its fake, but i dont believe it . what can i do to make sure it isn't real cocaine?


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You would heat it up on a hotplate. If it melts above boiling and before 250F (or 100C to 130C) it is probably cocaine. If it takes allot more to melt it is it one of the things it is cut with, mainly lactose.
And try not to inhale the contents of what you vaporized.

Real cocaine will have a almost translucent color to it. It comes in almost a small rock like form. If it is a fine powder it is most likely fake, or has been adulterated to a very low content.

Or you could try to precipitate perchloridum salts from it, depending on if it was made with the iodine reduction process (which most of the street cocaine is). But that requires exact measurements, and also an acid to reduce with, mainly fuming sulpheric acid (not exactly something that is safe).

Put a little on your finger and rub it on your gums. If your teeth feel numb after about 15 minutes, you got cocaine.

The 70's were kind of a blur to me.

Snort it. If it makes you feel euphoric its cocaine.

No seriously - Taste it, if your tongue goes numb its cocaine.

I suggest taking it to the police station before he gets you in trouble.
(Assuming you are not trying to cover up your own mistake, that is.) know how....

take a taste..if it numbs ur mouth is wont harm just numbs wat ever part of ur mouth it touched...take a puny amount though...

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