How many glasses of water do we need to drink in a day?!

Question: How many glasses of water do we need to drink in a day?
And how much is a glass?


There is no specific amount of water you need to drink each day. It depends on your own body. Just always make sure you drink a glass of water (about a cup of water) at every meal or whenever you're thirsty. Hope this helps you :)

This is such a contentious question. It seems that the "myth" of 8 glasses of water was created guessed it : the bottled water industry. You need around 2 litres of fluid a day, but it doesn't have to be water, and water is no mare"cleansing" than any other fluid. Bear in mind that almost half of that intake comes from food. The rest can be in the form of any drink 9 with the exception of alcohol!)
That said, if you enjoy water and don't mind running to the loo every hour, enjoy - it won't do you any harm.

You are supposed to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces a day. If you weighed 200 lbs that would mean 100 ounces. There are 64 ounces in a quart. Glasses come in all sizes. You could get your favorite glass, fill it, pour it into a liquid measuring cup and see how many ounces it holds.

The general recommendation is eight 8oz glasses per day.

If you work out or it is a hot day you may need more.

8 cups....64 oz.

Tall kitchen glasses are usually 16 oz, so you'd need 4 of those.

8 glasses at about 8oz each one.

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