Can you see alcohol in a blood test?!

Question: Can you see alcohol in a blood test?
I am underage (a young teen) and drank like 2 and 1/2 glasses of strong alcohol on tuesday night, got drunk and yesterday had a hangover. I think the effects of it are mostly gone by now. But i need to get a blood test soon, and the doctor CAN NOT see that I was drinking because then my mom would know. How long until the alcohol leaves your blood stream and there is no evidence of alcohol consumption? Thanks!


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Yes it is in your blood and it will take about 4-6 hours for it to completely go away.

I hope you have learnt your lesson that drinking alcohol just does not pay. Try and act in a more mature manner so you are not living in fear of your mother's anger - which would be very justified. Alcoholics are losers so stop before it gets the better of you.

It does not stay in your system that long. They would have to do a special blood panel for this and you have to give them permission to do the test unless you are in jail. Alcohol goes through your liver at 1/3 of an once per hour.

all the answers r actually wrong......

i drank a lot of alcohol one night did some acid and then 7 days later i didnt touch a glass and got a blood test and my doc said smiling "we have been drinking, havent we?"

Your liver processes alcohol at the rate of about 1 ounce per hour. So you are good to go as long as you don't drink any more.

You should be fine.

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