Where can i find healthy cigarettes?!

Question: Where can i find healthy cigarettes?
these menthol cigarettes are messing up my throat


There's no such thing as healthy cigarettes. If you want a healthy alternative, smoke herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are tobacco free and nicotine free. Whether you will like them or not depends on your taste. You might like them or you might not.

Talking from experience, being a cigar aficionado for many years and a cigarette smoker once. I also do social media for BnBTobacco.com and have represented them online.

Electronic cigarettes, emit vaporized liquid nicotine and water vapor and are harmless, not healthy per say, but its not smoke. There are many different kinds just google electronic cigarettes. I havent tried them but i want to as i just quit a week ago.

ecig's aren't necessarily healthy but it's wator vapor and small amount of nicotine.

or you could just smoke joints instead.

just a thought

A herbalist or some type of nateropathic or homeopathic physician or book. Medicas curat natura sanat.

No such thing as a healthy cigarette, but you may find that American Spirits are less harsh on the throat.

How old are you? Everyone knows cigarettes are a killer, there are no and I repeat NO healthy cigarette. DUH

I've purchased cigarettes around the world and haven't found a healthy brand as yet.

Go to your nearest "Sammies Smokes" store and get you some unfiltered camels, that will fix you up!

that's an oxymoron. there is no healthy cigarettes.

No such thing as a healthy cigarrette.

Nowhere. Try and be a man and give them all up. Much better for your health and your bank balance in the long term.

Google those New Electronic things.

There are none. You smoke you accept the health risks.

american spirits are the healthiest but will still kill you.

LOL. Is this a joke?

it does not exist

umm..i hate to tell you buddy..there is no such thing.

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