How is Apple Cider Vinegar Supposed to Taste?!

Question: How is Apple Cider Vinegar Supposed to Taste?
Hi, everyone. I was wondering how Apple Cider Vinegar is supposed to taste. Is it supposed to taste like regular vinegar, or did I just happen to purchase the wrong one? I was under the impression it would be some kind of juice, but it tastes like regular vinegar.



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Apple Cider Vinegar is NOT juice. It is vinegar & will taste pretty much like...well, vinegar! lol~
In all likelihood, you have a bottle of sparkling clear apple cider vinegar. Most probably you have also heard of all the health benefits of this wonder vinegar. If you are using apple cider vinegar that is clear and sparkling, the news is not very good. This apple cider vinegar does not contain all the health benefits that you have heard of.

The Real Apple Cider Vinegar
The apple cider vinegar that contains all of the health benefits is not a clear vinegar, but just the opposite. It is an organic and unfiltered vinegar . It is not a clear liquid, but has got a brownish tinge to it. If you try looking through it, you will notice a tiny cobweb-like substance floating in it. This is known as "mother", and means just one thing. This apple cider vinegar is of good quality with all the nutrients and health giving properties intact. This is what you want to look for & buy. You will most likely find it only at a health food store & you need to make sure it says "with mother" on the bottle.

That's because it is vinegar only made from apples.

Like apple cider vinegar, I'm here to help!

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