What else can i smoke through an apple pipe ?!

Question: What else can i smoke through an apple pipe ?
Im 14 yr old girl and in middle school what can i smoke through an apple
I do . Weed , purple kush , marijuanna , spilted a cigg bits,
What else .. How old do i need to be to buy salvia in Ontario [Canada]
I wana try smokin tea cause im not planing on getting more weed till highSchool or till i find some
So what are tge neggative effects of tea and salvia

Ps .. My parents dont know iv being doing this for 1year .. I get As and Bs in my classs ALL of them


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First of all, drugs are stupid. Second of all you are only in middle school not even drinking age and you do drugs? Some of the negative effects of ANY drugs are rotten teeth, your lungs basically turn to crust, you have a shortened life span, you will have more wrinkles when you are older etc.

health class and my opinion

weed, kush and marijauna are the same thing.... your stupid why dont you just buy a peice and your ******* 14 and in middle school are you kidding me like are you kidding....why you wait till like highschool cause clearly you have no clue what your talking about and arent mature enough to be doing any of that

have a nice day...

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