How long does it take alcohol to get out of my system?!

Question: How long does it take alcohol to get out of my system?
I am a male who weighs about 175 lbs give or take, I am 5'9, and lets say after 10 cans of light beer over 4 hours how long would it take to get out of my system?


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About 2 hours.

Heard it on the news

like one of the first ppl said, rule of thumb its about 1 an hour. since you are a male around an average weight, you're going to metabolize it quicker then a 5'2" 100 lbs female (females metabolize it slower). that girl might take an upwards of 2 hours to get one out of her system.

The general rule is that your body/liver can process up to one drink per hour. So ten drinks would take somewhere around ten hours


shorten it by eating lots of bread and carbs and drinking a lot of water

it depends on what u weigh and with ur weight maybe 8 to 10

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