Can a 13 year old drink beer once a week?!

Question: Can a 13 year old drink beer once a week?
im 13 and I drink like every other week and i was wandering if it was bad for you. i figured i should find out if it was bad befor i really hurt myself or if its ok to do.


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sure, why not? It is your choice, and at that small rate, your body can handle it, such a small amount liek that and your liver will be able to filter it without a problem. In that way, it will not affect your brain and, if anything, the alcohol will cleanse your system making you healthier. It is actually suggested to older people to have a drink a day (one beer, one glass of wine, one shot etc) to cleanse their systems, it is good for you. So, once every week to two weeks is not bad for you. Most of these people are probably conservative nuts who do not think it is ok for you to do anything you want to do. Don't let them control your life and read about the benfeits of alcohol.

Side note, if you feel you like it a bit too much, stop. You DO NOT want to be an alcoholic. It sucks. As the other guy said Responsibility come BEFORE DRINKING

It's not a good combination, especially since you're brain is just developing.

But if you choose to it's your choice and do it wisely, don't overdrink and don't become addicted. Try to do it less like maybe once every two weeks.

And don't get caught.

A glass of wine a night probably isn't bad for your brain though.

In your case, I would say at least wait until you're 16, when most of your friends are doing it.


16 and drink occasionaly.

That is an awful idea. For safety reasons it is quite bad because as others have said your brain is still developing until your late teens-early 20s. Drinking at 13 can cause memory loss and dulling your brain cells.
Statistics say that kids who start at the early teens are MUCH more likely to be an alcoholic.

Just wait until your 16 or 17. Even then its bad but your more responsible at that age.

Well your only 13 but drinking at a very young age kill brain cells. Plus its not a good image for a 13 year to be drinking. And not so good image for your parents. They could get in trouble for dangering the welfare of a child and child services will take you for a long time.


no its not ok for you to drink beer .it is bad for you . hope you dont do it no more . ok?

1 - It is ILLEGAL. 2 - It could cause the person supplying the alcohol to go to jail! 3 - It has very serious health consequences.

Alcohol and a developing brain are not a goo combination. That being said you should not drink at your age.

Bro im 15 and drink like once a month it gets old fast smoke weed its better for you n feels better GO GREEN


Let's see................................No

you should not be drinking at age 13. you're too young

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