What are these autographed Jim Beam bottles worth?!

Question: What are these autographed Jim Beam bottles worth?
I have these two sealed and autographed Jim Beam whiskey bottles, the round one purchased a year or so ago and the square one purchased about nine years ago. The only significance I can see to a collector is that they are autographed (to me and my granddaughters) by Baker Beam, one of the last living Beams. He is/was married to my first cousin and resides in Bardstown, KY, and signed them for me while I was at his house.

My questions is this. What are the bottles worth, if anything, and where can I go or what service can I use to find out? Please do not tell me to put them on Ebay. That does not answer my immediate question.


I can only suggest to contact a reputable Antique/collector shop and present your dilemna. Actually an antique shop in Kentucky. Since Baker is a descendant of Jim Beam, it might not have any value with the signature. With Jim Beams signature, definitely it would hold some value. Another suggestion to get an opinion, is to search on ebay for a seller who is selling unopened bottles of whiskey. Usually the sellers do their homework as far as collectables and most likely would know the answer to your question regardless of any they might have up for bid. Some seller who delves in your type of item, may even have a collector's book. Then there is the library which might even have a book regarding collectors for whiskey bottles, signed or not, filled or empty.Hope any of the above leads you to that answer. Christy's is a mighty long stretch, for they usually auction off really rare items. But...?

Just common knowledge or from my experience having dabbled in antiques most of my life. Any item's value in the long run is due to the demand and of course the extreme interest of the person who desires to acquire such an item.I can testify to that, for I've paid ridiculous prices for things that many people wouldn't have even looked at. But to myself,it's worth having it.

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