As far as drinking goes is it poor form to drink liquer in shots?!

Question: As far as drinking goes is it poor form to drink liquer in shots?
My Dad said I'm not appreciating it properly.


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If you're at a party, nobody is going to bat an eye at you taking shots. If you're drinking in a quieter atmosphere though, it's considered in much better taste to pour yourself a glass and drink slowly. Furthermore, sipping instead of downing the drink in one quick shot will allow you to detect some of the more subtle flavors to the liquor that you may have missed.

Shots are fun. There's nothing wrong with it unless you take too many too fast. I find I drink mixed drinks quicker since I don't taste the alcohol as much.

Its not bad buh i agree with yur dad just chug jk why dont yu just ask yur dad how to drink

what is the liqueur.
it is like yeggermeiter, shots are ok

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